This topic explains how to download and install a 15 days tryout license of JoomSuite User component.

To install the license for JoomSuite User component:

1. Log into with username as 'websol' and password as 'websol'. You may also create a new account for logging into the website.

2. Click the My Licenses link [1] that appears on the top right corner, as shown in the following figure:


3. Scroll down to locate the Free 15 days Tryout Licenses section and click the Download Free Tryout link under the JoomSuite User icon [1] as shown in the following figure:


4. Save the license file at any location.

5. Log into Joomla back-end.

6. Navigate to Components-> .JoomSuite User-> License Manager. The License Manager page appears.

7. Select JoomSuite User in the Component License Activation drop-down list [1]. Click the Browse button [2] to locate the tryout license. Click the Install button [3] as shown in the following figure:


License is successfully installed and the User tab appears after the License Install tab..

If the above method does not work, you can install the license manually. To manually install license, rename the license file to "license.txt". Using FTP, upload the "license.txt" file to the following two folders within the root directory:"\administrator\components\com_juser" and "components\com_juser".