You can access the JoomSuite User component after logging into the Joomla administrator panel. Therefore, it is required that you have both Joomla and JoomSuite User component installed on your machine or on a server. For more information on installation, see Installing JoomSuite User Component.

You need a computer with a Web browser in order to log into Joomla, and utilize the features of JoomSuite User component.

To log into Joomla and access the JoomSuite User component:

1. Log into Joomla back-end. For more infomation on Joomla installation, see Installing Joomla.

2. Install JoomSuite User component according to installation instructions.

3. Install license according to license installation instructions.

4. Open JoomSuite User Configuration by navigating to Joomla Menu-> Components-> .JoomSuite User-> Configuration and set all parameters.

5. Open JoomSuite User Field Categories by navigating to Joomla Menu-> Components-> JoomSuite User-> Field Categories, as shown in the following figure:


Category refers to a group of fields on registration form. You can add as many categories as you want. For example you can add the category, "Contact Information" for fields, such as telephone, Address, Zip, City, Country, and so on. Similarly, you can the category "Personal" for fields, such as Sex, Age, and so on.

6. Open JoomSuite User Field Manager by navigating to Joomla Menu-> Components-> .JoomSuite User-> Field Manager or click the Field Manager [1] tab in Component Menu, as shown in the following figure:


In JoomSuite User Field Manager, add as many fields as you want for the different categories you just created. Understand field parameters for most efficient use.

7. Change link in Login module and Login layout from com_user to com_juser to enable registration through JoomSuite User. To do this, hack Joomla Login module.

8. Create link to JoomSuite User Edit Details layout using User Menu.

After you have finished working with JoomSuite User component, you can log out of the Joomla administrator panel by clicking the Logout button.