To create link to JoomSuite User Edit Details layout:

1. Open Menu Item Manager page by navigating to Menus-> User Menu, as shown in the following figure:


2. Click the New [1] link in the Menu Item Manager page, as shown in the following figure:


On clicking the New link, the following page appears:


3. Click .JoomSuite User to expand the link.

4. Navigate to JoomSuite User-> User-> My Details. The following page appears:


5. Enter title and alias in the Menu Item Details [1] section. Based on you requirements, select other parameters in this section.

6. Click the Save [2] or Apply button [3].

8. Click Preview [4]. The front-end of Joomla appears.

9. Log into the front-end. The newly added link, Newuser appears in the User Menu [1] section, as shown in the following figure: