Mighty Touch is a Joomla based component for designing and developing social network service websites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and mail.ru. These websites focus on building online communities of people who have similar interests and like to explore the interests and activities of others.

Using Mighty Touch component, you can perform the following tasks:

Allow users to create profile pages using the available templates.

Allow a user to view profile pages of other users.

Create pre-filtered user lists.

Create group categories and allow users to create groups within these categories.

Allow a user to view activities of other users.

Allow users to connect with other users through messages.

Allow users to share photos and videos.

Mighty Touch also provides plugins and modules that extend the functionality of the component. For example, the Twitter plugin adds a Twitter block to each profile and synchronizes with twitter.com.

Mighty Touch seamlessly integrates with other Mighty Extensions components, such as User, Member, Resources, and Inbox. In collaboration with these components, Mighty Touch provides almost all the functionalities of a social networking website. For example, Mighty Touch provides e-mailing functionality through the Inbox component.