This topic explains how to download and install a 15 days tryout license for Mighty Touch.

To install the license for Mighty Touch:

1. Log into

In order to log into the above mentioned website, you should be registered to After you register, you are automatically logged into the website.

2. Navigate to Downloads-> Mighty Extensions.

3. Scroll down the Mighty Extensions - Downloads page, click the My Licenses link [1] that appears in the right hand corner of the Mighty Extensions - Downloads page shown in the following figure:


3. Scroll down to locate the Free 15 days Tryout Licenses section and click the Download Free Tryout link [1] under the PeopleTouch icon as shown in the following figure:


4. Save the license file at any location.

5. Log into Joomla back-end.

6. Navigate to Component-> .JoomSuite License Manager. The License Manager page appears.

License Manager can be accessed only if it is already installed.

7. Select JoomSuite People Touch from the Component License Activation drop-down list [1]. Click the Browse button [2] to locate the tryout license. Click the Install button [3] shown in the following figure:


License is successfully installed and the People touch tab appears after the User tab.