You can install, configure, and use the Mighty Touch component only after logging into the Joomla back-end. Before installing Mighty Touch component on your system or a server, ensure that Joomla 1.5 native is installed on it and you have the credentials for logging into Joomla back-end.

To access the Mighty Touch component and utilize its features:

1. Log into Joomla back-end with administrative privileges.

2. Install the Mighty Touch component according to installation instructions.

3. Install the Mighty Touch license according to license installation instructions.

4. Install the required plugins according to plugin and module installation instructions.

5. Open Mighty Touch Configurations by navigating to Joomla Menu-> Components-> .Mighty Touch-> Configurations and configure all parameters according to configuration instructions.

6. Open Mighty Touch Custom Templates by navigating to Joomla Menu-> Components-> .Mighty Touch-> Templates, as shown in the following figure:


In Mighty Touch Custom Templates, you can perform several tasks pertaining to templates, such as installing, uninstalling, creating, renaming, and setting a template as default.

7. Open Mighty Touch JS PeopleTouch Userlists by navigating to Joomla Menu-> Components-> .Mighty Touch-> Prefiltered User Lists, as shown in the following figure:


In Mighty Touch JS PeopleTouch Userlists, you can create prefilter user lists and custom user lists filters, which allow you to display filters in the user lists at the front-end. For more information, see Prefiltered User Lists.

8. Open Mighty Touch Group Categories by navigating to Joomla Menu-> Components-> .Mighty Touch-> Group Categories, as shown in the following figure:


In Mighty Touch Group Categories, you can create group categories, which allow members to create groups within these categories. For more information, see Group Categories.

9. Create new links that will appear at the front-end and allow users to access various pages. For more information, see Creating Links.

10. Visit http://localhost/joomla. Enter the valid credentials and log into the Joomla front-end.

11. Click the link that you have created in Step 9 for Mighty Touch access. The front-end of Mighty Touch appears. For more information, see Front End Usage.

After you have finished working with Mighty Touch component, you can log out of the Joomla back-end by clicking the Logout button.