The filter functionality allows you to search prefiltered user lists based on a specific criteria.

To search prefiltered user list by filtering data:

1. Navigate to Components-> .Mighty Touch-> Prefiltered User Lists in the Joomla global menu. The JS PeopleTouch User Lists page appears and displays a list of existing prefiltered user lists, as shown in the following figure:

Add_Prefiltered user list

2. Specify the criteria for filtering prefiltered user lists by entering text in Filter text box [1], as shown in the following figure:


If you enter text in the Filter text box, the specified text will be matched against the data of all the existing prefiltered user lists. For example, if there are three prefiltered user lists with names Property, Place, and Holding, and you type 'P' in the Filter text box, the result will display the prefiltered user lists Property and Place.

3. Click the Go button to obtain the list of prefiltered user lists matching the specified criteria.