The various features of Mighty Touch are as follows:

Create user's private profile.

View user's list from front-end.

Creation of custom user list, which allows you to display/hide filters on user list.

Creation of Pre-Filtered User Lists.

Add blocks and parameters to the profile.

Creation of Friend Buddy Support which allows you to add anyone as your friend.

Display relation of user. For example, Andrew -> Linda -> Jonathan -> Yevgeny.

Display friend's actions. For example, Andrew added a new picture and Linda rated an article.

Allows you to integrate with any component using convenient event plugin API.

Allows easy management of profiles and users' list templates.

Setup user groups with unlimited sections, such as video, blogs, and music.

View activity log.

Create personal profile page.

View Karma points.

Using plugins, such as Guest Book, Education, Mail Me, and User Societies.