Allow to create taber or slider structure in the article.

Short taber instruction

1. Install plugin taber and publish it.
2. Content>Types>Fields, edit fields for the type where tabs/sliders supposed to apply.
3. Make slice with taber plugin and fields we would like include in tabs/sliders.

Example: First field is taber. In configuration Params set type. This is what will be showed tabs or sliders, accordingly what you choose for the first should be the same for all tabers.
Important! Part for the first tab should be Open, for the rests New Page and at the end Close.

You create first field as taber with 'open', than follow next field(s) for content this tab will include, that another taber field with 'new page' and again field(s) for content of this tab... etc. At the end after content field(s) create last taber field with the 'close'.

That's almost all. There is important note yet:

for all tabers in the Layout set:
Align Table Row: No
Break Before: No
Break After: No

into the Label set:
Show Lablel: NO
Wrap Lable: NO






Page name


Set taber/slider title.

Load CSS


If your template do not format core Joomla tabers you may format it with this css file.



Choose type of tab: taber or slider.



Define which position current taber field places in the type:
Open - the first taber/slider.
New Page - every taber with exception of the fist and last tabers.
Close - close taber field. This field does not create tab or slider in article layout but finish taber slider code.

Tab id


Unique name of the taber panel. Required if you have more than 1 set of tabs on the page.