Plugin Manager contains Mighty Resources plugins in 3 groups

There are 4 different groups of Mighty Resources plugins in Plugin Manager:

- joomsuite_content plugins group contains advanced filter plugins, Mighty Touch component integration plugin, toolset plugin which is required for proper work of Tools page options;

- joomsuite_content_fields plugins group includes field plugins, i.e. plugins are used for creating fields for Mighty Resources types.

- search plugins group contains only one Resources plugin - searchbot pluin, which allows to extend joomla search engine to find required phrase in Resources articles.
- extra pluigns group includes plugins which are installed to provide integration Resources component with other Mighty Extensions like Commerce, touch and others. Actually extra plugins group has no special plugins group in joomla Plugin Manager, extra plugins group can be installed to joomsuite_content plugins  and joomsuite_content_fields group, for instance, Commerce field plugins.
This section includes the following topics:

Enabling Plugins

Editing Plugins