The various features of Mighty Resources are as follows:

Compatible with Joomla 1.5 native.

Adapted to core Joomla SEF and supports Joomfish.

Create custom fields using various core and advanced field types, such as Text, HTML, Media, and Gallery.

Specify the access level of your custom field and mark it as mandatory.

Create different types of articles, with unlimited number of fields and assign articles to multi-categories.

Use templates and various buttons, such as Print, PDF, and Email to manage articles.

Use avatars in articles and comments.

Show/Hide various article elements, such as create date, modified date, title, author, avatar, rating, comments, and tags.

List articles at front-end using templates and order the articles based on any field.

Allow users to submit, rate, tag, filter, favor, and comment on articles from front-end.

List all categories, subcategories, and number of items contained in them.

Display category description and image.

Set custom parameters for each category so that global parameters are overridden.

Allow front-end users to create own categories, sections, and categories division.

Manage templates for ratings, comments, articles, filters, and category index.

Compare articles of the same types

Assign moderators for the sections.

Use 3DP templates available in 3DP Extensions section in MightyExtensions website.

Manage comments using Comments Manager at back-end.

Add alerts to comments.

Use social comments, such as Disqus and Intensedibate.

Set rating access and manage ratings in back-end.

Manage tags in back-end and use tag cloud layout to create tag clouds at front-end.