An archive is a collection of computer files that have been packaged together for backup for transporting to some other location, for saving storage space on the hard disk, or for some other purpose. Archive includes a simple list of files or files organized under a directory or catalog structure depending on how a particular program supports archiving.

To archive content:

1. Navigate to Components-> .Mighty Resources-> Content in the Joomla global menu. The Content Items page appears and displays a list of existing contents.

2. Select the check box corresponding to the content you want to archive. Click the Archive button [1] in the toolbar, as shown in the following figure:


The selected content is archived.

On archiving a particular content, the content link under the Title column becomes disabled.

You can unarchive an archived content by selecting the check box corresponding to the archived content and clicking the Unarchive button in the toolbar.

To archive/unarchive multiple contents, select the check boxes corresponding to the contents, and click the Archive/Unarchive button in the toolbar.