At the component level, you can restrict access to entire component or some part of the component. To provide restriction on components, Mighty Membership makes use of the Subscription - Component plugin, which consists of two files: component.php and component.xml.

Subscription - Content is a 'content' type plugin whereas Subscription - Component is a 'system' type plugin; 'content' plugins modify and add features to content displayed in a website whereas 'system' plugins allow you to perform actions at various points in the execution of the PHP code that runs a website.

Restriction at component level is based on URLs. In order to impose the restriction, you need to create a subscription and select the component on which you need to impose restriction. Thereafter, you need to specify URL variables and values depending on the type of restriction you need to impose.

In Mighty Membership, component restrictions are imposed through the Components restrictions tab in the Subscription Plan [New] page. For more information, see Adding a Subscription Plan and refer to Examples.