Note that you can install the license using Mighty Assistant component: simply install Mighty Assistant, configure its Parameters, on the left side menu select Mighty Membership and then click on the 'Install License' link located in the right upper corner.

This topic explains how to download and install a free 15-day tryout license for Mighty Membership using License Manager component.

To install the license for Mighty Membership:

1. Log into

In order to log into the above mentioned website, you should be registered at After you register, you are automatically logged into the website.


2. Click the My Licenses link that appears on the right :

my licenses

3. Click the Download Free Tryout link located near the Mighty Membership icon as shown in the following figure:

15day licenses

4. Save the license file at any location.

5. Log into Joomla back-end.

6. Navigate to Components-> .Mighty Membership-> License Manager or Component-> .JoomSuite License Manager. The License Manager page appears.

You must first install License Manager in order to install the Mighty Membership license through the License Manager tab of Mighty Membership component.

7. Select JoomSuite Member from the Component License Activation drop-down list [1]. Click the Browse button [2] to locate the tryout license. Click the Install button [3] as shown in the following figure:


License is successfully installed and the Member tab appears next to the License Install tab.