The various features of Mighty Membership are as follows:

Restrict access to a whole section, category, or an article on payment basis.

Create different types of subscriptions based on user, category, article, or component.

Grant subscription automatically after registration or to existing registered users.

Activate subscriptions manually or automatically.

Enable immediate access to the product through integrated payment processor-PayPal or 2Checkout plugins.

Set subscriptions for users manually.

Set subscriptions for users through the Mighty Registration component.

Create discount coupon and bind it to users or subscriptions.

Notify administrator of new user subscription created. This improves the management of new subscribers.

Notify the subscriber about subscription expiry.

Use in-built design templates without making any adjustments.

Set payment configuration for each subscription plan separately. You may also make a subscription freely available for users.

Create invisible subscriptions.

Create lifetime subscriptions.

Customize templates and layouts.

Extend the application functionality with additional plugins.

Integrate with search engines, such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and other SE crawlers so that protected content is not visible to users.

Integrate with Google Adwords.