This example will show you how to create a subscription plan restricting article submission and allowing a subscriber to submit a certain number of articles.

Let’s create a plan that restricts submitting articles to joomla core(Article Manager) categories and allows a subscriber to submit only 3 articles. For this the URL to article submission is needed to know. The URL to article submission is  /index.php?option=com_content&view=article&layout=form

1)Create a subscription plan, name it, and set a price and period for it.
2)Enter 3 into the ‘Count Limit’ field.

3) Select  ‘Count Every Access’ from the ‘Count Limit Mode’ option list.

article submission


4) Open ‘Components Restrictions’ tab and tick off the Articles component.  Enter the following into the appeared text boxes:
URL Variable 1: view
Variable Value 1: article
URL Variable 2: layout
Variable Value 2: form



5) Save the subscription plan.

In fact this subscription plan denies access to a specific URL which leads to article submission form:

Subscriber of this subscription is allowed to access the URL 3 times within the period set in the subscription plan.