Imagine that you have a category with articles and you need to restrict all the articles except for a few of them. Below are two examples on how to do so with joomla Article manager’s articles and Mighty Resources’ ones.

Restricting Article Manager’s articles

1) Create a subscription plan and select a category in the ‘Restrictions’ tab.  Set other parameters for the subscription plan and save it.



2) Open the article of the restricted category which you want to leave unrestricted and put {JCSBOT SKIP} tag into the article body. For example:

Such settings allow you to restrict all the articles of the selected categories except those containing {JCSBOT SKIP} tag.
Note that in order to make the restrictions work, you need to have Content Controller plugin installed and enabled.
Also note that {JCSBOT SKIP} works only for articles made in Article manager.


Restricting non Article manager’s articles

This example shows how to restrict a whole Mighty Resources’ category save for a few articles.

Check the ID of the Mighty Resources’ category that you want to restrict. Each article of Mighty Resources has a category_id  variable that indicates the ID of  the category the article associates with. For example, article with URL /index.php?option=com_resource&controller=article&article=1&category_id=1 associates with category with ID=1. Thus, in order to restrict articles from the category with ID=1, you need to check Mighty Resources component in the Components Restrictions tab and enter the following:
URL Variable 1:category_id
Variable Value 1: 1



This restriction denies access to every article of the category with id=1. Now, if you need to leave some of the articles of the restricted category open(or unrestricted), take the following steps:

1)First you need to know the URLs to the articles. Let's say you need to leave 3 articles unrestricted. Suppose, the URLs to them are as follows:
to article #1 is /index.php?option=com_resource&controller=article&article=1&category_id=1
to article #2 is /index.php?option=com_resource&controller=article&article=2&category_id=1
to article #3 is /index.php?option=com_resource&controller=article&article=3&category_id=1
2)Open Membership configuration page and set the ‘Component mode’ to ‘Developer’ mode.
3)Open Components Restrictions tab
4)Enter the following parameters:
URL Variable 1: category_id
Variable Value 1: 1
URL Variable adv: article
Condition adv: !=        
Variable Value adv: 1,2,3


Fields ‘URL Variable 2’ and ‘Variable Value 2’ can be left empty.



These restrictions deny access to Mighty Resources’ URLs containing category_id=1, except those containing  article=1 OR article=2 OR article=3