User Individualization option is designed to have a subscription allowing different subscribers to access different content.

This type of subscription plan perfectly suits to programs like “Individual fitness plan” and “Individual lessons”. It allows you to have an individual subscription plan to which the articles for one or more users are bound. Thus though different subscribers will have the same subscription, they will have access only to the content bound to their ID.

The principle of operation is as follows:  you create a subscription plan, set all the necessary parameters for it and check ‘User Individualization’ under subscription plan->Restrictions tab:

user indiv setting


Then you put a special line of code containing users’ IDs into the article body; the article is accessible to the subscriber if his user ID is listed in the code. The structure of the code line is :
{JCSBOT USER=user_ID1, user_ID2, user_ID3,…, user_IDn}

This works only with articles created in joomla Article Manager.  The following picture shows an example of article containing the code restricting the article:



This article is accessible to the user whose ID is 1 or 2 or 3 and who has an active ‘User Individualization’ subscription.