To add a message type:

1. Navigate to Components-> .JoomSuite Inbox-> Message Types in the Joomla global menu. The Inbox Message Types page appears, as shown in the following figure:


2. Click the New button in the toolbar of the Inbox Message Types page. The Create Message Type page appears:


3. Enter the name and description of the message type and select the options as per your requirements. Also, you can add additional fields to message compose form by selecting appropriate items from the Additional Fields drop-down list. The additional fields appear only if they have been added through JoomSuite Resources. For more information regarding all the parameters of the Create Message Type page, see Understanding Message Type Parameters.

4. Click the Save or Apply button to add the message type.

Both the Save and Apply buttons allow you to save the changes. However, clicking the Save button redirects you to the list of items whereas clicking the Apply button does not redirect you to any other page.

The message type that has been added may not be public, but it can be used in custom URL. Also, the added message type may not be available in Compose menu at the JoomSuite Inbox front-end.